June 14th, 2010


Mark-Paul Gosselaar says Tiffani Thiessen is "ready to pop"

Pregnant Tiffani Thiessen is past her due date.

"We briefly chatted last week and she is ready to pop," her former Saved by the Bell co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 36, told UsMagazine.com at the Disney/A Time for Heroes Picnic (to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation) in L.A. Sunday.

I remember when my wife was going through this stage," added Gosselaar, who is dad to Michael, 6, and Ava, 4, with Lisa Ann Russell, whom he separated from earlier this month. "It's not a fun stage for the women or the men involved, but definitely not for the women, so I wish her nothing but the best."

Gosselaar says Thiessen, 36, and her husband, Brady Smith, "will make great parents."

OH MY GOD, HOW HAS SHE NOT HAD THAT BABY YET? It seems like she's been pregnant forever.
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Poll and new LOLCollar

I was thinking that it might be fun to have LOLCollar posts, if the comm is interested. The idea is just a weekly post where folks could post LOLCollars in the comments. The mods have given permission, so Imma take a poll.

Previous LOLCollar.

Poll #1578428 LOLCollars!

I would enjoy seeing a weekly LOLCollar post!


I would make LOLCollars! (Not necessarily every week, of course)


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ETA: D'OH! There is now an actual picture behind the cut, and not a link to the picture.

Tim in The Brooklyn Paper

Check out what I found today. An online article from The Brooklyn Paper about Tim. There's also a picture of Tim standing in the doorway of a building. [Note: it might count as a slight spoiler for season 2 because of what kind of building he's standing in front of]

Here it is, folks — this week’s celebrity shot
By Andy Campbell
The Brooklyn Paper

Actor Tim DeKay — you know from “Seinfeld,” “Friends” and “Scrubs” — was in Cobble Hill on Friday, shooting a scene for the FBI-thriller “White Collar.”

Read the rest at the source
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Hi folks! This is a post to clarify the rules of the community, specifically what is and is not allowed to be posted here.

First and foremost, whitecollar_tv is meant to be a reliable news and media source for our beloved show. We want you guys to have fun and participate (weekly episode discussions/reviews, fanworks, meta, etc.), but we also want to keep this community running smoothly.

To that end, please review the following guidelines:

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You guys have all been amazing and we hope that the community continues to grow and become better from here on out! ♥

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