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White Collar: Matt Bomer Talks S3 (spoilers)



'White Collar': Matt Bomer Talks Season 3 and Neal's Love Life

May 07, 2011 02:15 PM EDT

White Collar is set to return with season three on USA on June 7, and fans are already receiving hints about what they can expect from Neal Caffrey when the series returns from the star of the series, Matt Bomer.

The actor teased fans about Neal love life. Yes, he will finally be over Kate and ready to move on to someone new. The relationship had its rocky beginning during the last few episodes of season two earlier this year. Season three will continue on with Neal and Sara, played by former One Tree Hill actress, Hilarie Burton.

According to Just Jared, the actor said the following: "He has a relationship with Sara, played by Hilarie Burton, and he finally gets to have a little bit of a love life. It's really fun, she's a blast. I get to work with a great actress and we're having a great time together," Burton added her own comments as well: "I would love to stay on and see them succeed together."

Hilarie Burton joined White Collar early on in season two as a recurring character, but it was announced earlier this year that her character would have a regular status in season three. The budding romance between Sara and Neil should be interesting to watch as the season gets underway.

So much of the focus of White Collar has been Neal looking for Kate or getting over her death that someone new in his life will be a welcome change. What do you think? Are you ready to see Neil move on with Sara?


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