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oh these heroes come and go;

New On Set Pictures!

With thanks to Dan Shattuck (who wrote the episode that they're currently filming) as he tweeted all of these pictures!

Hilarie Burton hits her mark on the way out of the White Collar offices.

Tim DeKay plays catch at the Silvercup backlot.

Trouble on Sharif Atkins' laptop!

The FBI's two-finger summons. They teach it at Quantico.

Sunshiny day washes out the White Collar office, but the monitors offer classic Bomer and DeKay.

I wonder where Willie Garson is running to... or from...

Matt, Tim and Willie in the FBI's AWESOME FORD EXPLORER!

Matt and Hilarie finally get out of the rain.

Matt Bomer looking all Gordon Gekko-y.

Hilarie Burton, trapped behind glass.

Willie Garson, trimming missed beard remnants of A-Camera Operator Neils Alpert (lol)

Willie, peering between Matt and Hilarie.
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