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White Collar On Guard Preview Eps 301 (spoilers)

White Collar - Episode 3.01 - On Guard - Preview

Taken from: SpoilerTV http://www.spoilertv...l#ixzz1NeCYkNin

Yes, I am one lucky woman. I was privileged to see a screener of the season 3 premiere of White Collar which airs Tuesday, June 7th on USA Network at 9/8C. Let me just say that I am even more excited to see where the season will go than I was during the season 2 finale. This season everything changes. When we last left off, Peter accused Neal of stealing the treasure and these trust issues are not going away anytime soon. My take is that trust will be the hallmark issue this season and there is a lot of area to explore. Not the least of which is can we the audience trust the writers. They are fond of the bait-and-switch. One answer we won't have to wait for: Who took the treasure and why?

Our favorite (and not-so-favorite) sidekicks also get screen time. Mozzie is of course awesome in everything. That is a given. El calls in a favor, Jones finally gets out of the van, and Sarah only has about 1 minute screen time. Oh and June's granddaughter from the pilot returns and is a fantastic asset. As always secondary characters really make this show.

As for the plot, most of the episode is a flashback to 4 days prior to the opening scene. We meet Gary Rydell, a "playboy with an uncanny ability to wreck expensive cars," and Lolana. The case is a parallel to Neal's situation and it all comes down to one question. "If you were 1 step away from pulling off the biggest score in your life, could you let it go?" Other things we learn/see:

Neal complains of "cruel and unusual punishment"
Mozzie looks good in aubergine.
Yes, Neal IS that good.
Umbrellas are good cover in more than one way.
Neal plays Russian roulette with Fate.
Peter finds something priceless in the trash.
Pretty boys play with swords.
The world is a better place when Peter smiles.
Mozzie gets kissed by a pretty woman.
Neal has a fashion faux pas.
I look up osso bucco, Kansas City, and an actress from the 1980's for my recap.
Mozzie makes a Kardashian joke.
Someone thanks Neal for saving their life.
Someone goes topless.

I freely admit most of these make not a jot of difference in the story and many were leaked in the new trailer, but it's always fun to guess. In the end, I thought this episode was fun, fast-paced, and a great game changer for season 3. It's going to be a great ride this year. Don't forget to check out White Collar on USA Network. There's an all-day marathon on Monday, June 6 followed by the premiere of season 3 on Tuesday, June 7 at 9/8C. You can also get a quick White Collar fix at USA Network. There are contests, trivia, videos, and more.
Taken from: SpoilerTV http://www.spoilertv...l#ixzz1NeBwBrt4

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