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Comic Con pictures!

A fewslew of pictures from the signing and the panel at Comic Con today are at my journal here.

This is a selection from about 1/3 of the pictures I took today. I will have more when I get more time to post them, but it's too late now and I need some sleep before diving back into the con tomorrow.
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Paley Center Pics - Third and Final Set

Sorry, my friends, for the delay in getting this last set posted here.  There are a few pictures of Matt getting up and leaving, and he looks (to me, at least), like he's getting ready to bust a move.

There are also pictures of Marsha Thomason from after the event.  I don't know any of the people she was posing with.  I was just shooting and hoping to get something decent.

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White Collar Comes Clean – The Paley Center Event – PART II

White Collar Comes Clean – The Paley Center Event – PART II

There is something magical about the cast of White Collar. It’s more than just the chemistry between the principals, the excellent supporting cast, the sparkling writing, or the use of New York City as another main character. The magic begins with their genuine decency as human beings and the generosity they have towards the fans of the show. I first noted this when I saw some video of the L.A. Paley Event, and everything I observed on Monday night confirmed my initial impression.


(White Collar Comes Clean - The Paley Center Event - PART II
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Paley Event Pics - Group Two

My friends, here is the second batch of photos from Monday night's Paley Center Event, White Collar Comes Clean - On My Flickr Account

I've watermarked them, but if you do want to gank a few and use them for caps or picspam, please give me proper attribution.

The whole group L - R:  Jeff King (Co-Producer), Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones), Willie Garson (Moz/Dante Havisham); Marsha Thomason (Diana Lancing); Tim (HE'S A GOD) DeKay (Peter Burke); Matt (Redonkously Long Eyelashes) Bomer (Neal Caffrey); Michelle Kung (Moderator)