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That's the Neal Caffrey I know and Love!

Did Peter ever tell Neal that he loves him?
Peter: That's the Neal Caffrey I know and love! - Vested Interests, S04E10


Peter: You ever wonder what would've happened if I hadn't made you my C.I.?
Neal: Well, I'd still be in jail and your arrest rate would be in the low 70s.
Peter: High 80s!
Neal: Why did you take my deal?
Peter: I told you, your expertise.
Neal: That's all?
Peter: I realized... all those crimes you were committing, they were never about money, or greed.
Neal: What do you think they were about?
Peter: The challenge. That's what we have in common. I love the challenge.
Neal: I know you do.
Peter: And after all those years of chasing you, your cryptic clues, your late-night phone calls from international numbers...
Neal: Yeah, and the cookies, and birthday cards...
Peter: Yeah. I realized I liked you. That's why I took your deal.

I know its old news, but i just watched that episode today :)