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Support White Collar renewal - make it trend!

Hey collars!
Tired of waiting for news about the renewal of our favorite show? Let's make some noise and tell whoever is dragging their feet that we mean business!
The idea is to make #whitecollarforS6 trending on Twitter next monday.
So, go to Twitter Feb. 24 around noon EST (do the math if you're in another time zone) and tweet (then tweet, and tweet again) #whitecollarforS6

You might want to include @WhiteCollarUSA @USA_Network @USA_PR @FOXTV @ASepiol @TedonTV to make sure they get the message.

Feel free to repost on your LJ to pass on the message!

banner by Kanarek. :-)

Script page pic from JE - Season Finale (SPOILERS)

So a couple of people on my Twitter feed retweeted this pic from Jeff Eastin, which they somehow missed when he originally posted it.  The caption is, "Doing my favorite thing - writing by the fire pit in my back yard with my dog next to me. Working on #WhiteCollar season finale."

Unlike when he actually posts pics designated "script page," the computer screen is a little hard to read - at least the often telling notes on the side are.  That said, based on what I *can* read, and my best guesses about the bits that are kind of fuzzy, I'm very intrigued.

Link to the "view full size" version here.

ETA: When I first clicked on the link when I got it from Twitter, I got a "image no longer available" screen, but it's actually there. You may have to refresh to get it.

ETA2: If anyone feels confident about the number in the last note on the left, I'd love to hear from you. :-)