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Neal & Peter Humor vid

Title: Neal & Peter Humor (too many songs to list them all)
Genre: gen, friendship, humor
Characters: mainly Neal & Peter
Clips: used through 5x08
Length: 6:46
Summary: Humor vid featuring stalker!Peter and cat(burglar) aka kitty!Neal; and containing their constant invasion of each other's personal space, non-verbal communication cues, and much more...

Neal & Peter Humor

Neal & Peter vid: Hymn for the Missing

Song: Hymn for the Missing (Red)
Genre: gen, friendship, h/c, angst
Characters: Neal & Peter
Clips: used through 5x13
Length: 3:18
Summary: Post 5x13. Peter agonizes over Neal's disappearance and wonders if he'll ever see his friend again. He remembers all the times when Neal didn't run, but chose to stay for Peter, as well as the times when Neal was taken from him by external forces. Featuring kidnapped!Neal and worried!protective!Peter.

Hymn for the Missing
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[Fanvideo] It's Not Over - a season 6 unofficial promo

Title: It's Not Over
Vidder: Aragarna
Soundtrack: Inception teaser soundtrack by Lorne Balfe
characters: Neal, Peter, Mozzie and a bit of everyone.
genre: gen, h/c, angst, unofficial promo for upcoming season.
rating: general audience.
spoilers, clip used: through 5x13.
Author's Note: This is my entry for Abduct-a-Palooza II.

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vid: Gummi Bears

Song: Gummi Bears (Theme Song from Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears)
Genre: gen, friendship, humor
Characters: ensemble (strong focus on Neal & Peter, though)
Clips: used through 5x13, plus gag reel footage
Length: 2:29
Summary: Bouncy, feel-good vid. Neal and Peter (and the gang) as Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears
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[Fanvideo] In a Jailhouse - Peter and Neal

Title: In a Jailhouse
Song: In a Jailhouse, from the soundtrack of the movie O Brother Where Are Thou?
Vidder: aragarna
Characters: Peter, Neal, a little El.
Genre: borderline crack, and vaguely AU.
Clips used: through 5x02
A/N: This is a late celebration of the Caffrey-Burke day. This song has been nagging me for years, and I never dreamt it could be so close to fit White Collar... This is not perfectly fitting the real White Collar story but, who cares, this song was too tempting and this is just for fun. :)

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[Fanvid] My Sweet Honey Bee - Peter & Elizabeth

Title: My Sweet Honey Bee
Vidder: aragarna
Characters: Peter and El (Peter/El)
Song: All I Want is You (from the Juno soundtrack)
Clips: Up to 3x16, and including scenes from the extended pilot.
Author's note: This is for my friend kanarek13 who encouraged me to make this video. The challenge was to include ALL the kisses... And that's even more than you think ! Hence a chapter 2 for season 4 and 5 that will follow once season 5 has aired. :-)

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[Fanvid] We Will Stand Tall. A post-4x16 video.

Title: We Will Stand Tall
Song: Skyfall, by Adele
Vidder: aragarna
Spoilers: up to 4x16 In the Wind.
Length: 4:26
Clips used: all seasons up to 4x16.
Summary: As the sky falls around Peter and Neal, they look back on how they got there, and at all the previous times they've scrumbled and faced it together.

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