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Matt Bomer Presents at the Golden Globes

I'm hoping that all of you tuned in to the Golden Globes tonight to watch Matt Bomer present. If you weren't watching WHAT ELSE COULD YOU HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN DOING? I missed them too because I had practice but that is not the point. Jeff Eastin, number one Bomer fangirl, tweeted about it and suggested that Matt should win next year. Mr. Eastin, I concur.

ANYWAY, on to the part that you actually care about. Matt presented Best Actor in a TV Series (Comedy or Musical) with Kaley Cuoco.

Matt is waving at you to come on in.

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To see more photos go to Matt Bomer Fan. All credit, of course, goes to that site.
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We've Seen the Pictures...But Does Anyone Know What Was Said?

Pictures from a September 22, 2010 Press Conference were posted here and here and of course on MattBomerFan.com

But as pretty as the boys are (and they certainly are pretty), I really want to know why a press conference was held and what was said there. 

Can anyone enlighten me, please?  If it was the S3 go-ahead, why hasn't that filtered down yet?  This seems so odd...so disturbing.  I need to know, peeps.


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Pictures from Comic Con Panel

 I took a large number of photos at the Comic Con panel (luckily I was in the second row!) and have whittled it down to my 48 favorite photos.  

They are currently watermarked, but if you would like to use any of them for graphics please let me know!  I'd be happy to send you the original, non-watermarked file.  The picture of Tim sticking his tongue out needs to be macro'd. :D

Here's an example:

You'll find the rest on my off-site gallery, here:

Pictures from the 2010 White Collar Comic Con Panel

I hope you enjoy!

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